Gillbryan Trivelino JW Hips – 6:3; Elbows – 0; Current Eye Certificate; Clear G_PRA 1 & 2

Parents Grand-Parents GreatGrand-Parents

International Champion Lorinford Harlequin

Show Champion Lorinford Lancelot

Show Champion Nortonwood Checkmate
Lorinford Playgirl

Lorinford Lovestory

Chevanne Free ‘N Easy of Lorinford JW
Lorinford Daydreamer

Gillbryan Pennsheelin

Gillbryan Night Boatman Gillbryan Twelth Night
Gillbryan Kissangel
Gillbryan Pretty Penny Gillbryan Water Baliff JW
Gillbryan So It’s Sweetpea

We are located 20 minutes from junction 44 M6. Please contact us for more information.

INT& PL& FIN CH Lorinford Harlequin

Sire of Gillbryan Trivelino JW and Gillbryan Ringmaster